I was not able to give you the gift of mathematics
The gift of music,
The gift of patience and kindness.
They arrived from somewhere else,
In the family gene pool.
Or maybe that was nurture not nature.
But I like to believe that one of my genes
Has leapt from my generation to yours.
A sweet right foot.
A shot like no other.
Bullet into the top right hand corner,
Unstoppable volley from half way up the pitch,
Rasping screamer from impossible distance.
Leaving opponent, and team-mate,
Quietly respectful.

A sweet right foot.
Treasure it. Enjoy it.
It will comfort you on many days.
Give thanks.
That came from me.

Publishing this to mark the return of our weekly football match, after the longest break in our near twenty five year sporting odyssey. (I wrote about that here. )